All you need to know 


Who am I ?

Hello, my name is Lucile Dizier. I have been a freelance photographer in Brussels since 2015. Fascinated by artisanal, hands-on professions, I decided to dedicate my daily life to making images to illustrate and highlight artistic, craft and culinary professions.

Curious by nature, I decided to open the Studio Cagibi blog in 2020 to quench my thirst for discovery. In this cabinet of curiosities (or “cagibi” in French – a word to describe a really tiny storage room), I collect the stories of passionate and fascinating souls to let you discover them through words and images.
Studio Cagibi is a tribute to my grandmother, a reference to her cupboard in which I spent hours as a child, rummaging through the drawers to discover treasures.

Four pillars

Discover the values that drive Studio Cagibi


I chose my profession out of passion, abandoning all other more “sensible” paths to pursue the one that drives me. To work with me is to meet another passionate and sensitive being, like yourself.


I work with brands with strong and responsible values that have developed a strong and authentic relationship with their product. 


Redefining the relationship between customers and suppliers is one of my priorities: making the relationship transparent, treating customers, suppliers and employees fairly.


I strive to create a standard of excellence in every aspect of my work. My photographs are timeless, original and complete. Behind the lens, I will capture your unique aesthetic and make it stand out.